Your Toolbar:
  • Does NOT collect any personal information
  • Does NOT monitor the sites you visit
  • Does NOT monitor your behavior on the Internet
  • Does NOT log or track keystrokes
  • Does NOT "hijack" your home page
  • Does NOT serve or facilitate ads

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This software was independently
tested by the International Charter and
determined to be Spyware Free.
Let us be clear, again:

  • Your Toolbar does NOT track where you go on the Web
    It does not monitor the websites you visit, or in any manner collect or report any information about the websites that you visit, nor does your Toolbar monitor or "scrape" information when you are on other websites.

  • Your Toolbar does NOT collect personal information
    It does not solicit or collect your name, address, birthdate, or email address, nor does it require a member name or password in order to operate. Furthermore, your Toolbar does NOT attempt to collect personal data upon startup, or at any time, as a requirement of use.

  • Your Toolbar does NOT serve or facilitate ads
    The Toolbar software does not serve or facilitate "contextual" advertising or pop-up ads. If you have seen additional pop-ups (or any other forms of advertising) since downloading the Toolbar, this is likely the result of other software you have downloaded on your computer. It is NOT your Toolbar.

Why some spyware services may mistake your Toolbar for "Spyware"

There are dozens of legitimate spyware detection companies in the market, ranging from substantive corporations to one-person operations. Unfortunately, there are also hundreds of rogue "Anti-Spyware" applications that attempt to detect and characterize legitimate software as something malicious in order to induce users to pay money to unlock their software and 'fix' the problem or to offer users a competitive product. These rogue applications and their providers have introduced a great deal of misinformation, which is then passed on to legitimate spyware detection companies - sometimes resulting in the erroneous detection of MyWebSearch™ toolbars as something malicious.

It is often difficult to know which smaller companies may be misclassifying our software. These companies are difficult to find, and even harder to contact - making the task of having them correct their classification error very difficult. Some smaller products do not have clear procedures or resources to cope with these "false positives" and as a result may continue to inappropriately characterize/detect our product.

MyWebSearch™ toolbars are neither adware nor spyware, and we are aggressively working with any companies who may have misclassified our products. In virtually all instances, this classification has already been reversed. We recommend that you only use software from reputable security companies. We encourage you to let your Anti-Spyware company know that any detection of our toolbars as malicious software is a false positive, and to get in touch with us so that we can take remedial action.

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